Organic Value Recovery Solutions LLC
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OVRSol VISION Organic wastes such as food processing wastes, green wastes and certain animal manures are often generated in large quantities which cannot be utilized by local markets. High transportation costs prohibit utilization in distant markets. This problem occurs all over the world. The OVRSol system has the ability to concentrate these residual nutrients into high quality feed and other products. This will significantly increase the world food supply, especially protein. This process will be profitable and will encourage better utilization of otherwise discarded putrescent materials, improving environmental quality. We envision large and efficient bioconversion plants being established anywhere significant amounts of these organic wastes are generated. In these plants, Hermetia larvae would convert underutilized, low value materials into high value products such as protein concentrate, chitin and lauric acid that can be economically transported to distant markets thus reducing problematic local nutrient overload.